An avid reader from a young age, I was born and raised in Salford, England, and won my very first writing competition at the age of 9, something I was very proud of, even though only one other person entered!

26 years later, I moved to the beautiful country of New Zealand where I began my writing journey. Fast forward another (*ahem*) few years to the present, and the Knights of Aster series is born, my debut novel, AUGUSTINE, complete, and my feet well and truly on the glorious road to success. (That last bit might be pushing it a bit! *coughs into fist*)

Seriously though – writing is my passion (as is hunkering down in front of the TV with a vodka and coke in one hand, and a bag of Maltesers in the other), and the quirkiness and unpredictability of nature, my muse. I merge the weird and wonderful with dark and foreboding, love and passion with magic and doom. I love epic tales that blend the supernatural with every-day life, stories of ghosts and ghouls born from real-life experiences (ever heard of The Hat Man? Neither had I until recently, but he visited when I was very young and became the inspiration for AUGUSTINE). I love tales of romance and unrequited love, heroes, warriors, and villains that don’t quite fit the mould. I love sorcery and witchcraft, other worlds and underworlds, past lives, future lives, and things that go bump in the night. I love it all, and I try to deliver it all in my books. After all, if I wouldn’t want to read my stories, then why should you?

Sound interesting? Sound like something you might enjoy? Then why not dip your toe? Unless, of course, you’re too scared? Mmwwahahahahaha . . .

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