Some books I’ve read

WOW. Just … WOW.

This is one of the most immersive books I have read in a while, and I very nearly didn’t buy it because of the premise (abducted child). How glad am I that I did!

Beautifully written and disturbingly engaging, this book is so much more than a tale of abduction. If there was ever a book I wish I had written, this would be it. Not for the fantastic writing, or the gut-wrenching story, but for the twist. I love twists, love em, even more when I don’t see them coming, and this one got me good. I have to be honest though, I did see the first twist coming, but I also have a nagging suspicion that Mr Lloyd wanted me to catch that little sucker out. The next one though, the one that played my heartstrings like a world-class harpist and made me cry (actual real tears) was much more subtle. Even now, tapping away at my keyboard, it still brings a lump to my throat. I won’t disclose what that twist was (I wouldn’t ruin it for any would-be-reader), but I will say is, (*sob*) just be ready to have your heart ripped out and shoved violently back in.

5 superb starts out of 5

I had never read anything by Sarah J. Maas before this book, and only picked it up on a whim whilst browsing through a shop, killing time before I had to collect my son. I read some of the reviews on-line when I got home and thought ‘shit, this sounds like a load of b*ll*cks!’ I’d wasted my money, and I HATE to do that!

But I was wrong.

Crescent City is cringey in parts, overly sweary in others, and downright eye-rolling at times – but by damn I couldn’t put the bugger down. Now, I’m not one for these stereotypical heroes – big, bulging biceps, and perfect faces – but Hunt Athalar certainly got my pulse racing. As for Bryce, I wanted to smash her teeth in right from the get-go, and not only because Ms Maas portrays her as this perfect bod, stunning looks, goddess-like creature, but because of her smart-allicky mouth and ‘I’m so fantastic I can do or say anything I want and get away with it because everybody loves me’ attitude. She was annoying as hell – but she still grew on me.

As I’ve come to understand it, Sarah J. Maas’ other books are all YA, but Crescent City is aimed at an older audience – and it shows – though not in a good way. For a book in this genre, the swearing is way over the top, the sex/sexual references are way over the top, and the drug use is way over the top. And ‘alphahole’ is quite possibly the worst word I’ve ever heard (read?). But having said all that, I still enjoyed the book – immensely. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never read any of Ms Maas’ books before, so the repetitive characters (as I’ve read about in other reviews) didn’t bother me, or perhaps because I just enjoyed the story – and let’s face it, that’s what these books are all about – but by the end, I had decided that if Ms Maas releases a book two of Crescent City, I will take myself off to the shops and buy it.

4 weak stars out of 5

Holy shitburgers, I loved this book! The whole entire series in fact, but book one is undoubtedly my absolute fave.

My husband chose this book for me (he has a habit of choosing books I’ll enjoy better than me) and right from page one I couldn’t put it down.

Peter V. Brett has a wonderful way of drawing you into his world of sick little demons and quirky characters. All hail Arlen Bales – the biggest demon arse kicker since . . . arse kickers began kicking demons’ arses.

I would recommend this book and the four that come after it, to any true lover of dark fantasy.

5 great big fat stars out of 5

Another firm favourite (and another picked by hubby *rolls eyes*).

If I could describe The Passage in one word, it would be ‘addictive’. I’ve read it twice, and I may very well read it again. I can’t praise it enough (in case you weren’t getting that vibe from me), and the same can be said of the next book in the series, The Twelve. The final book, City of Mirrors, was a bit meh for me, but I’ll still read it again, because I’ll definitely read The Passage again, and then The Twelve, and then … y’know, I can’t leave the story unfinished – that would just be rude.

5 very well deserved stars out of 5, and a pat on the back for Mr Cronin

It’s been a while since I read this little puppy, and if I recall correctly (and I do), it was a gift from a friend that I read a few chapters of, thought meh, and put it away for a few years. When I eventually picked it up again I was pleasantly surprised – once I managed to get past the Irish accent thing, which was pretty annoying, and if I remember correctly (and I DO), it was the whole reason I put the book down in the first place.

It’s a heartwarming story about a young girl (Fiona) and her fight to overcome life’s struggles (and she has a fair few of them right from the off). You can’t help but root for her, and while some of her trials seem a little far-fetched, it really doesn’t matter because she’s such a bloody fighter, and lovely young miss at that.

5 starts of out 5 because it made me cry a couple of times.

Ooer, missus! This one’s a bit saucy!

I’ll be honest, I actually beta read this one for Ms Kaling, then I bought the paperback and read it again, and . . . well (*blushes*) . . . it got saucier!

If you like sassy romcoms then this one is right up your street, and if like me, you like to read on your lunch break, then have an excuse on hand for when your face turns the colour of a smacked arse.

5 McSchteamy stars out of 5

Oh, dear! I really wanted to like this one (who wouldn’t with a cover like that?), but despite my deepest wishes, and absolute dedication to reaching the end, it fell totally, and utterly, flat.

There was a bit about a third of the way through, where Kvothe (God, that name really grated on my nerves) was alone in a city that I can’t remember the name of, and I’ll admit, that whole section of the book really tugged at my heartstrings (not an easy task – just ask hubby), but after that, it just kinda went all over the place for me. If I picked it up once to try and finish the damn thing, I picked it up a hundred times. Sorry, Mr Rothfuss, I know you have a kazillion fans and probably don’t give a shit about my review, but this book really didn’t do it for me.

2 disappointed stars out of 5

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